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Andrea Sitzes

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Online Masterminds  X  Andrea Sitzes

Andrea believe if you do your best, each path will lead to the next allowing you to positively impact the lives and region around you.

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Tell me your name? 

[slide-left]My name is Andrea Sitzes[/slide-left]


Where are you from? 

Century Farm north of Rolla


What is your background?

[slide-right]Hospitality/ Marketing/Chamber[/slide-right]

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What is your business about?: 

[slide-left]Economic development in Christian County[/slide-left]






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What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?: 

[slide-left]Business assistance for growth and expansion help with workforce and needs[/slide-left]


What’s your title, besides “owner”?: Executive director


How many hours do you work a day on average?



Would you rather be liked or respected?: 



What makes you happy?: 

[slide-left]My Family[/slide-left]

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How did you become interested in what you do?: 


[slide-right]It found me... each path led to another and I found myself able to impact the lives and region around me[/slide-right


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What inspires you each day?:

[slide-right]My faith... the fact that Jesus gave up His life to help others... the least I can do is give my best to do the same[/slide-right]


 [slide-right]"What we do is important but it’s not THE MOST important... try to keep a balance"


 -Andrea Sitzes[/slide-right]


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