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Jared Day

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Online Masterminds  X  Jared Day

Jared Day believes an empty floor is a blank canvas. Standing out from the crowd in the flooring industry due to powerful relationships, honest work and quality deliverance.

Jared Day Interview with Online Masterminds

Tell me your name? 

My name is Jared Day.


Where are you from? 



What is your background?

[slide-right]English degree and administration. Education.[/slide-right]

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What is your business about?: 

Making relationships and finding the best solution for a floor need.




What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?: 

Flooring retail and installation for residential and commercial projects

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"Making relationships and finding the best solution for a floor need."

-Jared Day

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What’s your title, besides “owner”?: 

Owner’s Son





How many hours do you work a day on average?: 


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Would you rather be liked or respected?:





What makes you happy?: 

[slide-left]I’m happiest when people work well together.[/slide-left]

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What do you look for in an employee?: 

[slide-right]I look for someone who is a self starter. Someone who can motivate him or herself to do his best every time.[/slide-right]





What’s different about your business than everyone else’s?: 

[slide-left]I think we’re different because we are relationship driven. We want to be a resource to our community and customers rather than a one time shopping spot.[/slide-left]

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What’s the biggest perk of your job?: 

Family Business- getting to work with the people who know me best.




How do you generate new ideas?: 

Be open. The people around you share ideas everyday. You have to be listening and willing to be listened to.


Jared partnered with Online Masterminds 

You should too!

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